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You're not getting older, you're getting better. ...Maybe.
The ‘Drinking Window’

As Wine Geek ages—gracefully, like a fine wine—He has noticed many of his friends are downright old. The good news is old friends have old wines in their cellars. Add to this, most wine lovers we know like to share their wines, so good for us!

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Quality Doesn’t Cost…It Pays

We have now been proudly selling Riedel Crystal for 8 years. We sincerely feel that during that time, we have helped enhance scores of beverage programs in countless restaurants—not just with wine glasses, but with cocktail programs as well (if you’ve not looked at their ‘Drink Specific Glassware’ you should).

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Wine Geek on a barrel
Chianti Classico Welcomes U.G.A.s

We mentioned on these pages not long ago that just when one thinks they have a firm grasp on the rules & regs…they change the rules! A new designation for Chianti Classico is the latest curveball.

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Wine Geek on a Wine Bottle saying 'La Dolce Vita'
La Dolce Vita

Geek was standing near the cold box in one of our favorite Michigan wine shops last week when a patron strolled in and asked: ‘do you have any cold Sancerre?’ We replied: ‘not sure, let’s see’. There was indeed a chilled Sancerre there, but it was $55 and apparently above her budget

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The Language of Wine

Geek recently described a wine to a young acquaintance, saying something like: ‘lean, but balanced overall’ and their reply was ‘you wine geeks and your wine speak; tell me in English’. We were sorta surprised: we thought that was English.

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Wine Geek tipping Point
Tipping Point

About 5 years ago, Geek noted on these pages a concerning trend: the unrelenting, upward march of the prices for Napa Cabernet. At the time, we wondered if they were going to ‘kill the golden goose’ which Napa was (is).

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Wine Geek Grapes of Wrath image
Grapes of Wrath

Wine Geek is not one to declare his hair is on fire very often: crises and emergencies are part of life so addressing such things should be done calmly and logically.

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