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Exploring Minerality

    Geek loves to use this page to inform, educate, chastise & pontificate to other geeks and wannabe geeks alike. We typically try to be ‘au courant’ and address …

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More Information from the Wine Institute

   FACT SHEET Wine Institute is the association of 1,000 California wineries. In recent days, unfounded litigation has raised questions about the safety of California wine. We want to assure …

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Wine Institute Press Release

March 18, 2015   WINE INSTITUTE STATEMENT ON POSSIBLE ARSENIC LITIGATION   As the association of 1,000 California wineries, Wine Institute is concerned with the health and safety of consumers …

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At the Movies…

January 21, 2005 was the U.S. theatrical release of the iconic film Sideways. Recently, Geek has seen numerous articles noting this pending 10 year anniversary, and the effect the movie …

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Building a Display

One of our hardworking retail wine reps posted this video on YouTube of him building a display. If you’ve ever wondered what a retail wine sales rep does, check it out. (Most …

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Alphabet Soup – The Wine Trade and Post Nominals

Alphabet Soup  When Wine Geek was a little wine geek, his father’s best friend sold ‘booze’. Not exactly sure of everything he sold, but Geek specifically remembers hearing that said …

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A Noble Pursuit — “In Pursuit of Balance”

A Noble Pursuit ‘In Pursuit of Balance’ is not just a movement but the actual name of an organization of some movers and shakers at the super-premium end of the …

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Decanting: Is your carafe half full or half empty?

Although things like appellation boundaries and production rules are finite and not flexible (unless you are in Burgundy), the appreciation of wine, i.e. drinking & enjoying it, is entirely subjective. …

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Keg Wines!

An old idea + new technology = a wine revolution* The most seasoned (read: oldest) of those reading this might remember ‘draft wines’ from the 70’s and 80’s. Usually in …

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The Other 1,350 Grapes

Think you’re a Geek? Let’s talk about the ‘other’ 1350 grape varietals and see what you’ve got…  Jancis Robinson, OBE/MW is irrefutably one of the greatest wine writers living (or …

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