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Wine Geek Speaks

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French Wine

The Wine Geek is old enough to remember when most of the ‘good’ wine we Americans drank was French wine. And not just us Americans – other than that small …

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What Customers Want

Attention Restauranteurs: Ok, so the wine business isn’t exactly the ‘tech’ business, moving at the speed of light, but this business does seem to evolve pretty rapidly lately. Are we …

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Rep Picks

It appears that super-premium/higher-priced/allocated wines are making a comeback Happily, there are signs that ‘super-premium’ priced wines are staging a comeback. Perhaps not to the level of those halcyon days …

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Wake Up and Smell the Cardboard

Red, White and Green Yes, for us American consumers it all started as a cost savings move by value-oriented mass-production wineries. The wines were serviceable – never great, but never …

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Beautiful, romantic, and historic, Italy is the site of much lore and, alas, many historical tragedies. Pompeii is a glaring example of such an historical tragedy, and of course the …

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Old Vines

Earlier this year, a group of California vintners formed an alliance (actually a non-profit company) called The Historic Vineyard Society. The purpose of this group is to bring awareness to …

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American Dreamin

Unless you don’t own a television or radio, and choose not to read anything at all, you surely know about the ‘devaluation’ of the U.S. dollar (formerly known as the …

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Paper Palates

Wine is a wonderful thing. And taste is a highly subjective thing. These two tenets are what make selling wine fun: there are no finites and virtually every wine made …

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Sherry is truly one of the world’s noble wines. It has been produced in some form for millennia. Its place in humankind’s history and the colonization of the ‘New World’ …

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‘Preserving’ your profits Eliminating waste on wines-by-the-glass increases profits and allows appealing diversity to your wine program

Having a diverse selection of types, styles and price-points of wines by the glass is a particular draw for a growing number of restaurants. Not just high check-average places, but …

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