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Is Cellaring Wine a Fading Notion?

Wine Geek has had a couple of good weeks: in the past 20 days or so Geek has tasted (drank) a 1953 Château Margaux, a 1990 Gaja Sorì Tildìn and …

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Your Glass Shows Your Class

In Wine Geek’s decades of experience with this subject, he has seen the entire gamut: from restaurateurs that used only expensive crystal (albeit not always wine-friendly) to those that would …

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GLWAS Retirement Announcement

Great Lakes Wine & Spirits would like to thank John (J.P.) Payne for his 30 years of service.     J.P. started as a delivery driver, known for his promptness …

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The Prisoner Wine Company

Great Lakes Wine & Spirits is excited to announce that we now distribute the wines of The Prisoner Wine Company, including: The Prisoner Red, Saldo Zinfandel, Cuttings Cabernet Sauvignon, Thorn Merlot, and …

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The Emperor’s New Clothes – Why Does ‘Natural Wine’ Taste So Un-Natural?

‘Natural Wine’. Quite the buzz words with some in the wine trade these days. Indeed, there are numerous importers that sell natural wines exclusively. Who wouldn’t want something one consumes …

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An Explosion of Pink!

Three-plus years ago, Geek devoted this space to note an emerging trend we spotted at that time: sales of pink wines (aka rosés) were starting to heat up dramatically in …

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Let’s Bring Some Closure

  Almost 10 years ago—when the whole ‘screwcap thing’ was just starting to percolate—one of our New Zealand producers gave us a choice on our container order (1,100 cases) of …

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Whither the Wine Critic…

  The Power Brokers of the past have faded considerably and now the most important wine critic might be sitting right next to you  There was a time when one …

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Back to the Future… Again: Aperitifs & Aromatized Wines

Back to the Future… Again Aperitifs & Aromatized Wines It was a perfect storm of sorts: as Americans were becoming increasingly interested and savvier about wine/food/restaurants/ingredients the craft spirits/craft cocktail …

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Detroit: Food & Wine City

Imagine this: in less than five years, Detroit has gone from ‘Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights?’ to ‘2014 Bar City of the Year’[1], ‘15 …

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