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Wine Geek Speaks - Say Yes to MichiganYes, we do sell Michigan wines, and we’re pretty sure that 90% of those reading this do as well, so what’s the appeal you ask? A few reasons:

    • Due to our current economic challenges, there is a movement of sorts in our state to support all things Michigan. What better way – other than buying a car—to show support to our home state than to drink it?!
    • Regardless of the aforementioned ‘homer’ motivation, there is actually a huge consumer base for Michigan wines. Michigan vintners are very actively promoting their produce at tastings, in their tasting rooms, in the local press, et cetera. All of this helps ‘pull’, so when you promote or feature Michigan wines, you have an audience ready and willing.
    • The wines are Better Than Ever. Wineries in other states now ask us about Michigan’s wines; indeed at the recent ‘Anderson Valley Alsace Varietal Festival’, among the buzz at the show were the wines from the three Michigan wineries in attendance! Michigan is most noted for our Riesling, Gewürztraminer and (increasingly) our Pinot Gris, but our red wines have arrived as well. Every style and price point is available. Make your list ‘complete’. Make your customers happy. Make your neighbors work. Say Yes to Michigan

These are the ones to buy:
Chateau Grand Traverse
Brys Estate
Good Harbor Vineyards
Fenn Valley Vineyards

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