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Featured Classic Cocktail – The Paloma

My choice for this month’s Classic cocktail is the most popular Tequila concoction in Mexico, Paloma Cocktail Picthe Paloma. Though little is known of its history, La Paloma translates to “The Dove” which is a popular folk song composed in the early 1860s.

Expressive Blanco Tequila is the foundation for this cocktail. I choose to use a high quality Blanco for its wonderful floral and citrus notes. For the bulk of this drink, I like to use high a quality grapefruit soda. There are many great products in the marketplace so I’d recommend shopping around and finding one you like. Also, it is important not to forget a splash of fresh lime juice. The lime juice lends to a brighter more refreshing taste and plays off the Tequila perfectly. To finish, garnish the Paloma with a fresh lime wedge just in case more acidity is needed. The Paloma is perfect for cocktail parties, barbeques or simply sitting pool side.

2 oz Lunazul Blanco Tequila
6 oz High Quality Grapefruit Soda
½ oz Fresh Lime Juice
Pour all ingredients over ice directly into a collins glass. Then, gently stir and garnish with a lime wedge.

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