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Featured Classic Cocktail – The Americano


The Americano is one of the simplest cocktails with the most complex taste. This cocktail is composed of Campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda. It was created by Gaspare Campari in

Americano Pic the 1860s. The original name for this drink was “Milano-Torino” because of its ingredients. Campari is from Milan and Cinzano, the vermouth, is from Torino. The Americano Cocktail is also the precursor to the Negroni which is my favorite cocktail of all time.

When crafting a cocktail the most important concept is balance. It is extremely important to balance sweet with acid and/or some sort of bitter component. This cocktail, like the Negroni, is a perfect example of bitter and sweet. Dolin Rouge Vermouth has sweet current and fig notes along with light honey and toffee undertones. The Campari counters the sweet vermouth with a rich bitter orange flavor. This cocktail is finished with soda to slightly dilute the rich texture while adding bubbles which makes the cocktail complete. This is the quintessential Aperativo cocktail.

1 oz Campari

1 oz Dolin Rouge

2 oz Soda

Pour all ingredients over ice in a highball glass and garnish with an orange slice.

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