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Double Plus Good Cocktail – Guest Bartender Kaytee Querro


“The inspiration for the Double Plus Good came from both the Aviation cocktail and the Last Word cocktail. It combines the botanical nature of the Last word with the floral and citrus notes of the Aviation.”

Guest Bartender ~ Kaytee Querro, Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails


1 oz. Two James GinKaytee Querro - Double Plus Good Cocktail

1 oz. Bitter Truth Violet Liquor

¾ oz. Lime Juice

¼ oz. Green Chartreuse

¼ oz. Yellow Chartreuse

Serve: Shaken

Glassware: Coupe


About Kaytee:

Querro joined the staff of the Oakland Art Novelty Company in March 2011 and has since embraced the chance to learn about the history and process behind the cocktails and spirits she works with each day. She describes herself as a “bit of a perfectionist and pretty particular.”

“I think those are vital qualities to being successful,” she said. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, she’s pleased to see the landscape changing and female bartenders earning more attention. These qualities have served Querro well. In April 2015 she accepted the position of beverage director at Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails, the Oakland’s sister project.

Querro has risen to the occasion in her industry, too. In 2014, she earned the distinct honor of being recognized by HOUR Detroit magazine as one of the city’s Best Bartenders of the Year. “I was pretty surprised, but it was really heartwarming to know that people think I am doing a good job at something so important in my life,” she said.

When she’s not behind the bar, you’ll find Querro reading, playing trivia or cooking.

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