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Bluegrass Punch – Featured Cocktail


The Bluegrass Punch is a cocktail I’ve had a ton of success with. I’ve served it as a single cocktail or I’ve made it in batches for 1,000 people. Either way, the Bluegrass Punch is always a crowd pleaser.

Bluegrass Punch Pic

I use Old Forester 86 for the base because the expressive bourbon qualities shine through the sugar component with notes of dark caramel and toast almonds. Strawberry Syrup is added to soften the whiskey favor with sweet fruit notes while the lemon juice brightens everything. And finally, the Allspice Dram and Cranberry give the punch its Autumn character as we inch toward the holiday season. Overall, the Bluegrass Punch is great for both the whiskey connoisseur and the general consumer who just love a proper drink.

25 oz Old Forester 86

6 oz Strawberry Syrup

6 oz Lemon Juice

3 oz St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

32 oz Cranberry Juice

Combined all ingredients in a large punch bowl over large ice cubes to chill the punch and control dilution. To finish, garnish with lemon wheels, orange wheel and fresh strawberries.

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