We are a leading spirits broker in the state of Michigan, providing an outstanding selection in virtually every category and style within the spirits beverage category, from industry leaders to craft producers. Our experienced staff prides themselves on providing outstanding service and sharing their product knowledge and passion for the brands we offer.

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Things Have Changed.

Our mission to bring people together for good times hasn’t. Buy Deep Eddy online or find a bottle near you for your next virtual happy hour. And remember, please day drink (from home) responsibly.

Three Deep Eddy Vodka Bottles
Deep Eddy Bottles By Pool Deep Eddy Bottles By Poolside
Deep Eddy Bottle Ruby Red

Our Flavors

Original Vodka

Lime Vodka

Orange Vodka

Cranberry Vodka

Peach Vodka

Lemon Vodka

Sweet Tea Vodka

Ruby Red Vodka

Betty Sitting On Diving Board

Like A Ray OfTexas SunShine

Deep Eddy brings people together for good times. Grab a bottle with friends and remember, please day drink responsibly.


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