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Welcome to the Craft Mead Revolution!

Our modern meads are new and bold additions to the thriving craft beer and wine scene. Mead for you! Our draft meads (sometimes referred to as ‘Session Meads’) are lightly carbonated, refreshing and showcase a variety of flavors

BLACKBERRY Wholesome blackberries, orange blossom honey and just the right amount of carbonation combine to make this an amazingly refreshing draft mead.
HONEY Our original draft mead. Delicious and refreshing lightly carbonated mead crafted with the highest quality orange blossom honey. This Mead is a perfect balance of subtle sweetness with a hint of citrus and a crisp finish.
ROSÉ This Rosé is subtle and beautiful, blended with ruby red grapefruit, orange blossom honey, dark sweet cherry and hibiscus for that perfect smooth and refreshing Rosé taste.
LEMON Lemon has become one of our newest fan favorites with its refreshing blend of lemon and orange blossom honey. Tangy and refreshing, it’s the perfect summer companion.


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