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Our Causes

Our Mission Statement

As a family-owned business with strong ties in the communities we serve, Great Lakes Wine and Spirits is committed to giving back and inspiring others to do the same through community outreach, charitable donations and sustainability initiatives.

Community Outreach

We are highly engaged in the communities we serve, supporting initiatives that help residents, sponsoring community events and taking action when crisis hits.

Given the magnitude of the catastrophe that Flint families face today, every effort helps and we are grateful to businesses like Great Lakes Wines and Spirits and their employees for providing much-needed safe and clean drinking water. Food Bank of Eastern Michigan, spokesperson Kara Ross
Thank you so much for your generosity. I am a single mom and a full time student working hard to finish my degree, so I am only able to work part time outside of school. Unfortunately, this leaves quite a bit of financial hardship on my daughter and myself. The Garden Party Foundation Scholarship will allow me to finish my degree this year rather than extending my time and resources further. Thank you so much for this scholarship. It will make a huge difference not only in my life, but the life of my daughter as well. Heather H., Culinary Studies

Charitable Activities

Every year, Great Lakes Wine & Spirits donates thousands of dollars in products and resources to dozens of charitable organizations across Michigan to help alleviate social problems and provide scholarships for disadvantaged students.

Sustainability Initiatives

We are an industry leader in sustainability efforts, reducing our environmental impact through numerous initiatives including recycling nearly 600,000 cans and bottles every year, renovating our warehouse with energy-saving lighting, adding electric car-charging stations and purchasing clean-energy vehicles.

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Organizations That We've Supported

This donation will help us get much-needed equipment that will help us do our jobs even better and keep our firefighters safer during emergencies. Highland Park Fire Chief Derek Hillman

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