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Featured Craft Cocktail – Strong Hold

Strong Hold The Strong Hold Cocktail has been my go-to all summer. All of my favorite expressions of a balanced cocktail are showcased in this drink. The bonded rye whiskey …

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Wine Geek on the Road – Sicily

Sicily! One of the nicest things about the world’s nicest wines is that—almost invariably—they are grown in some of the most BEAUTIFUL parts of the world. Think of Tuscany, Burgundy, …

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Independence from History? That Doesn’t Rhyme.

We normally try to coordinate the theme of this blog with the delicious recipes our Cocktail Ambassador features on these pages every month, but in traditional fashion, other things than …

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A Noble Pursuit — “In Pursuit of Balance”

A Noble Pursuit ‘In Pursuit of Balance’ is not just a movement but the actual name of an organization of some movers and shakers at the super-premium end of the …

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The Tea Party, the Sugar Act, and a Daiquiri?

One of these things is not like the other, and trust us when we say this has nothing to do with current day politics or congressional primaries. But it is …

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The Mayan: Featured Craft Cocktail

The Mayan For this month’s contemporary cocktail we choose to feature the winning cocktail from the GLWAS cocktail competition. The winning group consists of Bryan Smith, Jessica Mellon, Nikki Pollock, …

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Fixing the Foam

Fixing the Foam  Confession… as a former bartender and college student, I’ve tapped many kegs in my time but never really understood what I was doing and when trouble happened, …

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Flowers, Chocolate and… Wormwood?

Flowers, Chocolate and… Wormwood?   February is that one month of the year when we are often reminded that we take things for granted.  You didn’t spend enough time outside …

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Featured Classic Cocktail – The Americano

AMERICANO COCKTAIL The Americano is one of the simplest cocktails with the most complex taste. This cocktail is composed of Campari, sweet vermouth, and club soda. It was created by …

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Decanting: Is your carafe half full or half empty?

Although things like appellation boundaries and production rules are finite and not flexible (unless you are in Burgundy), the appreciation of wine, i.e. drinking & enjoying it, is entirely subjective. …

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