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“Beer-Clean” is Important

Well, not in the grand scheme of life but in its small way, to a select group of people who want “it” done right, it is important. Beer deserves to …

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Back to the Future… Again: Aperitifs & Aromatized Wines

Back to the Future… Again Aperitifs & Aromatized Wines It was a perfect storm of sorts: as Americans were becoming increasingly interested and savvier about wine/food/restaurants/ingredients the craft spirits/craft cocktail …

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Moaui Tai – Shane Bang: Guest Bartender

Our Featured Original cocktail is brought to you by guest bartender, Shane Bang. Inspired by the Mai Tai, the Moai Tai is named after the iconic statues of Easter Island. The …

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Saturn – Shane Bang: Guest Bartender

Our Featured Classic cocktail is brought to you by guest bartender, Shane Bang. Surprisingly, this delicious Tiki drink is gin-based instead of the usual rum. The Saturn won the 1967 International Bartender’s Association …

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Detroit: Food & Wine City

Imagine this: in less than five years, Detroit has gone from ‘Will the last person to leave please turn out the lights?’ to ‘2014 Bar City of the Year’[1], ‘15 …

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Double Plus Good Cocktail – Guest Bartender Kaytee Querro

DOUBLE PLUS GOOD “The inspiration for the Double Plus Good came from both the Aviation cocktail and the Last Word cocktail. It combines the botanical nature of the Last word …

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Exploring Minerality

    Geek loves to use this page to inform, educate, chastise & pontificate to other geeks and wannabe geeks alike. We typically try to be ‘au courant’ and address …

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The Archangel – Featured Craft Cocktail

The Archangel was created in 2010 at Roast – Detroit and it remains one of my most successful cocktails. I wanted to introduce apricots into a crowd-friendly cocktail, keeping it …

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A Toast to Spring

There are some sure signs of Spring in this part of the country:  The snow melts, those first little signs of green start peeking through the bare earth, you can …

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Summer Imbibing.

As spring peeks out from behind the clouds at us, I dream of summer and my mind and palate go to lighter fare. I say goodbye to stew and chili, …

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