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Bang for the Buck?

Finding Value in the wine world is very akin to playing Whack-a-Mole…and right now, the Mole is sticking his head out of certain French terroirs.   France is the ceremonial …

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Merlot’s ‘Time Out’ is Over

The Return…   Two of the most famous movie lines of all time are “I’ll be back” (Arnold Schwarzenegger The Terminator 1984) and “I’m not drinking any ******* Merlot!” (Paul …

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Red Wine: on the Rocks?

Beyond ‘Room Temperature’, Geek is increasingly being subjected to wines being served by restaurants at the wrong temperature—from way too cold to downright hot! Like the rest of Michiganders, Wine …

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Don’t Kick the Can – Wine Geek

  There’s a big buzz right now (no pun intended) regarding canned wine. It’s the latest and greatest wine trend currently (well, other than rosé). It’s a cool category which …

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Old World, New Wines

Tradition & Regulation is Giving Way to Innovation and Imagination as the Classic European Wine Regions Up Their Game As cited in an earlier Wine Geek Speaks missive, for the …

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Retrospective — Rochioli Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

From the 4th Quarter 2017 Great Lakes Wine & Spirits Wine Catalog   Rochioli Pinot Noir Russian River Valley Few, if any, California wineries are more closely associated with the …

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Napa Cabernet—Becoming Just a Memory?

Prices for Napa Valley Vineyards and Grapes—Hence Wines—Have Reached Previously Unimagined Levels; Will Napa Cabernet Become Just a Memory for Us Regular Folks? Wine Geek is old enough to remember …

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Brian Greenlee, In Memorium

Brian P. Greenlee 1952-2017   Please join us in mourning the loss of our friend and co-worker Brian Greenlee, who passed in November of this year.   Known as ‘The …

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GLWAS Donates to CA Wildfire Relief Funds

Great Lakes Wine & Spirits donating $100,000 to California wildfire relief funds Michigan beer, wine and spirits distributor continues charitable giving at home and afar   DETROIT – Great Lakes …

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California Wildfire Update from GLWAS

California Wildfire Update We have all watched with great concern as the recent tragedy unfolded in Northern California wine country over the past several weeks. Our hearts go out to …

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