Now that winter is here and the weather has shifted it’s time for hot cocktails. For this reason,Blue Blazer Pic the classic cocktail feature this month is the Blue Blazer. This drink was made famous by Jerry Thomas who is credited with being America’s first great Mixologist. His reign was during the Gold Rush era. His story was made well-known in 2007 when David Wondrich published the book Imbibe. Currently, you can fine Blue Blazers being served up at craft cocktail bars around the world.

 The Blue Blazer is basically a Scotch Hot Toddy. Though it is quite tasty, this cocktail is definitely more about the presentation then the flavor profile. The preparation involves two fancy metal mugs, fire and a crafty barkeep.

 5 oz Glenfiddich “Cask of Dreams”

4 tsp Demerara sugar or Sugar in the Raw

4 one-inch strips of thinly cut lemon peel

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