Dear Syd,

Thank you for inviting me to visit Great Lakes Wine & Spirits. I enjoyed learning about your technology allowing your company to track productivity. It is commendable that you have continued to grow and build your business in Highland Park. I appreciate all you have done for the community. It shows great dedication to reinventing Michigan. A better future for Michigan depends on cultivating the talented leadership embodied by you and your organization.

Best Wishes,

Rick Snyder

Just wanted to send along a much-appreciated Thank You. Great Lakes Wine has really helped improve our business. The assistance of you and your team with wine selections and training has helped us and our members of the club become more knowledgeable about the wines we offer and its service.The depth of your catalog has made the labors of wine purchasing much easier and less time consuming by offering our operation a complete wine package eliminating the need to deal with multiple sales people in order to offer a comprehensive wine selection to our guests.“The company’s commitment to small production wineries is a welcomed bit of fresh air in today’s wholesale market. Again, thanks for all the interest in the success of our business and the relationship your company has created with ours.


Joseph Stetson
Executive Corporate Chef
The Dow Chemical Company
The Chemistry Club and The Midland Country Club

Great Lakes Wine & Spirits is one of our major suppliers of wine and spirits. We have the pleasure of working with the same sales managers we’ve been working with for over 30 years. The knowledge, selection, and service combined with our long-term relationship provides meaningful value to our business.

Kameel Chamelly
Martha’s Vineyard Gourmet and Nantucket Baking Company

Great Lakes Wine & Spirits and Plum Market have shared a symbiotic relationship for years. We rely on GLW&S to be our key supplier, and their range of products is unequaled. The leadership is outstanding and committed, and their level of service and attention to detail are excellent.

Marc Jonna
Plum Market

An incredible portfolio that speaks for itself. But what really sets Great Lakes Wine & Spirits apart from other distributors is their customer service! The whole organization from top to bottom sets the standard on how it should be done.

Patrick Pardington
Oakland Hills Country Club

Great Lakes Wine & Spirits not only has a great selection of wines, they have a sales team that is both knowledgeable and service oriented!

Bill Roberts
Town Tavern, Roadside B&G, Beverly Hills Grill, Streetside Seafood, Cafe ML, Bill’s

We at Eddie Merlot’s pride ourselves on delivering the “WOW” factor for our guests, purveyors, and team members and it is quite obvious that GLWAS exemplifies this long lost way of doing business. Over the years I have worked all over the country and have never witnessed a company that even comes close to GLWAS high level of service, hospitality, and commitment to excellence in everything you do.

Steve Singleton
General Manager
Eddie Merlot’s Prime-Aged Steak & Seafood


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