With approximately 10,000 customers, 6.000 unique wine items and 3,000 spirits items (not to mention hundreds of beers), servicing all of our customers correctly is a Herculean task. But we do it. Our dedicated crews of shuttle drivers, delivery people, warehouse pickers, and those in all the ancillary roles, strive to fulfill your needs with high standards. And the hardworking individuals that serve in these various roles live all over the state—they might be your neighbors… we’re local everywhere.

A fact you may not realize: if you drive 10 hours south of Detroit, you can be in Georgia; if you drive 10 hours north, you can still be in Michigan! Because of the scope of our great state, our operations run 24 hours a day; most of our orders and those ‘split’ cases ordered by our customers are all pulled by our overnight crews. We have several cross-docking warehouses throughout the state, in addition to our two main warehouses in the Detroit area, assuring your time window is met… even if you are in Ishpeming.

Though we are proud of our service, we are constantly striving to improve. We always welcome constructive feedback and suggestions, so feel free to contact us if you have any thoughts that might help us serve you better.

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