Lew Cooper III, Co-CEO
Lew Cooper III
Syd Ross, Co-CEO
Syd Ross
Jason Howard, Executive Vice President of Sales
Jason Howard
Executive V.P. Sales
John Queen, Executive Vice President of Finance
John Queen
Executive V.P. Finance
Lou Grech-Cumbo, Executive V.P. of Governmental Affairs
Lou Grech-Cumbo
Executive V.P. Governmental Affairs
Mike Arkison, Executive Vice President of I.S.
Mike Arkison
Executive V.P. I.S.
Stephanie Lyons, Executive V.P. Human Resources
Stephanie Lyons
Executive V.P. Human Resources
Heather Kerr, Executive Vice President of National Accounts
Heather Kerr
V.P. National Accounts
Brandon Jacobs, Vice President of Wine Sales
Brandon Jacobs
V.P. Wine Sales
Gary Kroll, Vice President of Spirits Sales
Gary Kroll
V.P. Spirits Sales
Rick Lopus, Vice President - Sales Development
Rick Lopus
V.P. Sales Development
Mark Bodtke, Vice President of Operations
Mark Bodtke
V.P. Operations


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